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Welcome to resiCharge

EV charging solutions for allocated residential parking bays

EV adoption is growing rapidly

The standard for residential blocks will be dedicated charging points installed in residents’ parking bays – everyone should have the right and ability to charge their car where they normally park - at home.


resiCharge is your specialist EV charging partner

We will support you every step of the way, arranging funding, designing and installing infrastructure for new and existing residential blocks, and then the connection of fully managed chargers when your residents are ready to subscribe.


Our Power Audit is the first step

Our Power Audit is the first step to understanding your building's electrical infrastructure and capacity, and to see how many chargers can be fitted sustainably onsite.

*Full terms and conditions can be requested by emailing


To find out more, and for your chance to secure one of 10 free Power Audits* for your property, simply enter your details below:

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