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The challenge: EV adoption is growing

Over six million UK households in apartments are excluded from dedicated home charging because of the cost and complexity of installing the infrastructure.


More than 50% of residents intend to switch to an electric vehicle (EV) in the next three years and more than two thirds would be interested in subscribing to a home charger installed in their  parking bay.*


Block owners are already required to install EV charging infrastructure to the parking bays on new-build properties. This is now fast becoming the norm, and residents’ expectation, on all residential blocks.

The solution: Your specialist EV charging partner

Focused exclusively on installing and operating EV charging solutions for apartment blocks,  resiCharge delivers funded, reliable, end-to-end and hassle-free solutions ensuring a seamless and easy installation experience, whilst also offering residents all the benefits of charging at home.


Our “dig- once” installation provides all the necessary EV infrastructure to future-proof your building, setting up a plug-and-play approach to add chargers when residents are ready to start using them.  Thanks to our funding model, the solution can be delivered at no cost to the landlord and only the residents who have a dedicated charger will pay for the fully managed and maintained charging service through a simple subscription model.


resiCharge brings together proven technologies to provide safe, secure, scalable, and reliable EV charging solutions, for landlords and residents alike.

EV charging for residential parking bays in the UK

The next step: bringing EV charging home.

Interested in getting your building resiCharged?  Whatever stage you're at in your EV journey, we're here to help – check out the links below: 

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