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Our Solution

As your specialist EV charging partner, resiCharge will support you every step of the way to deliver dedicated charging points in residents parking bays.

We will enable arrangement of funding, the design and installation of the infrastructure and then the connection of fully managed chargers when your residents are ready to subscribe.

Our “dig- once” installation provides all the necessary EV infrastructure to future-proof your building.

Take a look at our end-to-end solution to see just how easy EV charging can be.

The next step: bringing EV charging home.

Interested in getting your building resiCharged? Whatever stage you're at in your EV journey, we're here to help - check out the links below.

Helping Landlords

Supporting Residents

Take a look at our specially commissioned EV Charging Requirements survey results

Need help on your EV journey?

Get in touch!

We are looking for landlords and property managers keen to make their parking facilities EV-ready. Please get in touch, by filling in the form, sending us a chat message, or sending us an email, and we will get back to you. 

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