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When we asked 600 of you about your plans to switch to an electric vehicle, more than half of you said you would be switching to an EV within the next three years. 

Despite your interest in switching to an EV, every week we hear from residents living in flats about the challenges you have when considering how to charge your car at home. 

Here are five of the most common issues we come across:

EV charging

I have to hunt for a spare charger when I finish work

Woman on street looking for charger

I don't feel safe when using public chargers

charging at home

My friends who live in houses can charge at home

Residential building with underground car park

I love living in a flat, but can't access EV charging without my landlord's agreement

Car park EV charging

Only five of us in the block have EVs, so we can't cover the costs for the whole block

How resiCharge can help

Given the challenges it wasn't a surprise that more than two thirds of you said you would subscribe to a solution that would give you a fully managed charger in your allocated parking space.

The resiCharge solution provides the owner of your building with infrastructure which enables every bay to have an EV charger installed when you are ready to subscribe.


This gives you all the convenience of home charging and no more safety concerns or range anxiety while you hunt for an available on-street or destination charger.  

Residential power survey

Get a Building survey

An easy-to-commission survey will assess the building's electricity capacity, to ensure adding EV chargers won't disrupt the building's overall power supply. We also look at the parking configuration, to establish what configuration is required for your site.


We will support you and your building's owner to use this survey to configure the EV solution for your building.

We have access to funding to cover the costs of retrofitting infrastructure into existing buildings so your landlord won't have to cover the costs and you won't see any increase in service charge or rent.

EV installation work

Install the infrastructure

After the relevant parties sign the paperwork and agree the implementation plan, our fully qualified and insured EV installers come to site at an agreed time to enable all the parking places to be EV-ready.

We also connect your building to our 24/7 EV charging management system which keeps the chargers operating smoothly as part of the building's ecosystem. 

The charging management system connects to the app that you will use to manage your charging so that you can see the status of the charger and access the best tariff based or priority charging.

Ready to subscribe

Subscribe when ready!

We will be ready to connect your parking space to be EV-ready as soon as you are ready to make the commitment.

If you don't need to connect a charger at this point then you won't pay a penny. When you are ready it's a simple connection fee and then a monthly payment for a fully maintained charger and resiCharge's 24/7 support.

When you are ready, download our app, sign up and our team will come to the building to install your charger.  

Parked Cars

Compatible with any EV

Our solutions fit the requirements of any of the EVs currently on the road in the UK

EV charging

Built around you

Using the app you can choose to prioritise cost or speed of charging and ensure you are accessing the best available tariff

Parking Lot Gate

Over or underground

We can fit EV charging stations in any parking bay complex in the UK - whether overground and uncovered, or underground

Interested in getting your building resiCharged?

Get in touch!

Whatever stage you're at in your EV journey, we're here to help and we'd love to hear from you. 

Please submit the form alongside, or drop us a message in the Chat box - or, if you prefer, email us!

Thanks for submitting!

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